All of our prices are starting points and are subject to change depending on length of hair or amount of time needed.  Each Stylist sets their own service prices.  Please consult with your stylist.  


Men’s Haircut                                                      $50 - 100

Women’s Short Haircut                                       65  - 100

Women’s Long Haircut                                       80 - 100


Color Services:


Root Touch-up Semi or Permanent Color     $80

Roots and Ends “ “                                              120

Partial Highlights with foils                               120

Full Highlights with foils                                    160

Balayage Partial Highlights                               130

Balayage Full Head                                            190

Ombre Color                                                        180

Creative Color                                                     Needs consultation  

Color Correction                                                 Needs consultation, price starts at $100 per hour




Keratin Treatment                                            $300

Keratin Express (60 minutes)                          100

Moisture Treatment (30 min)                           30-50




Japanese Thermal Straightener                    $575



All of our prices are starting points.  The more hair you have the more time and products it will take to get you there.  Please speak with your stylist prior to the service to know exactly how much your service will cost.